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Correlation Research, Inc. (CRI) specializes in statistical, biostatistical and epidemiologic analysis. Founded by Herb Weisberg in 1987, CRI’s focus has been on areas in which statistics can help illuminate issues related to causation. The firm’s extensive insurance experience has centered on claims data and particularly on the development of statistical models and software related to insurance fraud and abuse. Dr. Weisberg has also directed numerous projects related to biostatistics and epidemiology. He has often provided statistical expertise to attorneys, primarily in product liability and employment discrimination litigation.

CRI specializes in the following:
  • Critical reviews of research publications and reports
  • Research synthesis (meta-analysis)
  • Re-analysis of existing data sets
  • Causal inference and elucidation of bias
  • Design and analysis of file reviews
  • Extraction and staging of databases from administrative records

Case Studies

Over the past twenty years, CRI has provided expertise in a wide variety of situations. A common thread in these projects is the need to understand the underlying causal processes giving rise to the observed data. Here are some brief descriptions of research challenges undertaken successfully by the company.

All About Bias

Drawing on recent developments related to counterfactual theory by leading academics and his own ideas and experience, Dr. Weisberg’s recent landmark book is the most rigorous and comprehensive treatment of statistical bias to date.